Saturday, 1 September 2012

There will be little rubs and disappointments everywhere, and we are all apt to expect too much

So I very rarely have a quiet weekend. I usually like to keep busy and find that by the time you've done everything you want to do, kept up with friends and paid visits to family you barely have a moment to yourself. For instance, last week I was busy every night - and was looking forward to a night of just sitting around doing nothing. What a fool.

Now it's Saturday and not only have I done nothing other than go to work all week, but I now have absolutely no plans for the weekend. OK, so I went to the gym and for a swim this morning (holiday in less than two weeks, beach body panic has well and truly set in) but other than that NOTHING. I'm rarely home on a Friday or Saturday evening, let alone both!

It seems that everyone is busy this weekend - housemates are away or seeing other friends, other friends are on honeymoon, home for the weekend, spending time with boyfriends or family. I considered going home but even my parents are away this weekend.

Thus I'm sitting in my house doing nothing but watch TV. However, this has meant that I've watched four episodes of my new favourite TV show, SingDate. General premise is that someone who likes singing virtually duets with people via webcam and chooses who he/she wants to go on a final duet/date with. So cringe-y and fantastic - and we all know how I adore a love story. Even if geographical practicality does seem to go out of the window.

So now I think my evening will consist of a bottle of sparkling rose wine and a Jane Austen adaptation - I haven't watched one in months! Question is, which one do I watch? My go-to Jane Austen is usually ITV's Persuasion but I'm feeling a little fragile and I'm not sure I can handle Wentworth at the moment without despairing at the sorry state of my own lovelife. I think I might settle for Sense and Sensibility and as I have nothing but time I might even go for the BBC series from a couple of years ago. Dominic Cooper as Willoughby - HELLO!

So I hope you're all having a truly wonderful weekend, filled with exciting plans. Though, let's face it, I'm still going to thoroughly enjoy my Saturday night with a little help from Jane.

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