Saturday, 4 December 2010

I find myself... quite content with my situation Lizzy.

Well, it's been another 2 months since I last posted (I really need to blog more regularly!) moaning that my life was in pieces etc. and it couldn't be further from the truth now.

Quite literally, 2 hours after I posted the last blog I got two phone calls from companies inviting me in for interviews in London. I was so excited and knew that life was finally on the up. Two weeks later I had gotten myself a job and was moving right away. So here I am, in the big city and life is good.

I'm living in a nice area, I see my friends all the time and although it's not my dream job (but that could all be changing soon... watch this space), the people I work with are my kind of people. Obviously I'm still a spinster, but who has it all, hey?

So that's a little update on where I am at the moment...

I have to admit, my reading and general culture intake has gone down a lot since I moved and has been replaced with travelling across London and meeting friends for dinner/drinks, which for the time being I'm seeing as a good thing. I've always wanted to write a book and how could I ever do that without real life experience?

I do have to confess to something, and it really pains me to say it after being so adamant about it previously, but I kind of want a Kindle...

I know, I know. I've moaned about how it's wrong and that nothing beats a book and I really do still believe that. I would always prefer to be sitting with a book than reading words off a screen so impersonally BUT, practically, it's a lot easier to sit/stand on a packed tube with a small thin electronic device in your hand than a huge great paperback.

I don't even bother taking anything to read on the train with me at the moment, which is ridiculous. I love to read and travelling is the perfect time to read. So I'm seriously considering something of the Kindle/iPad variety. I'm thinking iPad as it's use ful for other things too whereas a Kindle is solely for reading. So I may just invest in one in the new year... Deep down I'm still so anti them though. Ah well.

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