Wednesday, 29 September 2010

There's a spinster in the making and no mistake.

I never thought that at my age I would feel like a spinster. But that is exactly what's happened.

All of my friends - OK, not all, but an alarming amount of them - are getting engaged, planning their weddings and moving in with their boyfriends. Not only am I not, but I don't even have a boyfriend. I'm terminally single.

Now, deep down I know that I am still far too young to get married, and why are so many people rushing anyway? But when you're sitting with your friends who are discussing their colour schemes, how they're having their hair, honeymoon destinations and first dances, it's hard not to get caught up in it.

I sit at home and find myself watching Four Weddings, Cherry Gets Married and my new fave Don't Tell The Bride, which 6 months ago I would have flicked straight past, but now it interests me. I sit there and watch it, saying to myself "oh no, my wedding dress isn't going to look like that!" and "oooh no, i wouldn't get married there!"

Because, that's right, I've gone mental and "planned" my dream wedding. I know what dress I want, where I want to get married and what time of year, how much it will all cost, my wedding menu, my bridesmaids and their dresses. All I really need now is a groom, and preferably one who's loaded if I actually want to pay for this wedding.

Now when my friends talk wedding plans, I interrupt with "ah they're nice, but I'm having organza rather than satin" whilst they smile confusedly at me. They don't understand!

The silly thing is that I don't even want to get married yet, I never pictured myself getting married until I was at least 28 and I'd been through the Wickhams and Willoughbys of the world. I think this whole chief bridesmaid thing is getting to me. I'll be glad when my best friend's wedding is over and I can go back to my own normal life... Back to going out whenever I want, drinking as much as I like and not having to worry about anyone else. Bliss!

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